not to say that that’s the reality of the lgbt community but i suppose if such a thing were to exist and function well that’d be its aim


here is some food for thought

isn’t having a t in lgbt+ problematic? why is gender clumped in with sexuality, because they are both completely different things. i know the two communities have a lot of overlap, but the way it is right now, it inforces the idea that gender and sexuality and have a direct link?

imo it ‘enforces’ (lgbt does not enforce anything, merely insinuates or implies) the notion that sexual/gender minorities may feel a sense of community amongst each other.  it’s not about lumping all issues together as if to make them synonymous because that wouldn’t make sense in any case, different sexual minority groups face different struggles as do different gender minorities (bisexuals, gays and lesbians face some of the same issues but all also have very distinctively different experiences with regards to their own identities and corresponding struggles, a gay man doesnt know the experience of a lesbian for example)

mindblowingdecisions replied to your post: honestly though the point of “devil’s …

"i’m just playing devils advocate" = "i am a horrible person and i want to argue a horrible position that i sincerely believe without being judged"

well thats just being a devil!

a lot of people use it that way but if you know what the term really means then you can distinguish between who’s using it correctly and who just wants to cover their ass

honestly though the point of “devil’s advocate” is to be able to pinpoint logically sound segments in an otherwise negligible argument, someone who is playing devil’s advocate isn’t trying to argue in favour of something morally reprehensible (if they know what being the devil’s advocate means), they are exposing parts of a bad argument that may still retain some validity or soundness

someone arguing for something that is unjustifiable isnt playing the devil’s advocate, they’re just being an idiot, because their belief that the argument is sound or good means that in their view they dont need to be the devil’s advocate in order to support it.  i dunno i see a lot of misuse of this term.  you have to be aware of an argument being bad in order to consider yourself the devil’s advocate position.  it gets a bad rep but it’s more often than not a pretty good position to consider if youre trying to get the most well-rounded understanding of a discussion topic.  just my 2 bux

why did the feels guy get resurrected but this guy got left behind…

dick may be objectively abundant but i can’t lie to myself and say that it is low in value.  that is too simplistic.  dick is valuable in proportion to the person it is attached to

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