we’re doing this writing thing for astronomy but we have to avoid “complicated language” by only using “the most common 1000 words in the english language”

which is so bad

basically stop caring about whether or not pluto is a planet because either way it’s a rocky ice ball that has nothing to do with you

pluto being a planet or a dwarf planet doesnt change anything about its size, shape or composition it’s just some sociological question people engage themselves in for some reason

the only reason it could matter is when it comes to classifying other similarly sized bodies but thats why it was demoted in the first place lol

do people really give a shit about whether or not pluto is a planet? man…

made 2 new friends today whos proud of me

stop posting and reblogging pictures, pictures are illegal at my school and if im caught perusing pictures ill be fined 69 billion dollars

todai in class were talking about cummies and their proportion to a persons squishiness

social media is destroying our planet! no one talks to each other. people’s mouths are shrinking and vanishing. yesterday i sent a text message and a nearby tree fell over and instantly died. a sinkhole opened up because of all the time we wasted on youtube

rebel by shoving your homework in your ass! violate your school’s “no homework in ass” policy!